internet, how you doin?

Look at me! Taking a day off of writing in the blog so that I could spend an hour yesterday watching Maria Bamford videos. Even though I had sworn this month that I'm on an internet video fast. This has been a VERY STRESSFUL week.

If you want to check out some of the comedy I used to waste my time yesterday, here's a short clip and a long clip. Look Dan, she's got the same bedspread as us! And like ten times the mental illness so that it makes the tenth your wife has look endearing!

On the Leah be creative front, there's video in the cutting room and pictures in the camera and jokes somewhere in the back of this brain. Coming soonish?


Yesterday morning the weather was so spring-like that Harvey and I did some setting outside on the newly exposed lawn.

harvey discovers grass

What's this stuff?

I have nothing of merit coming out of my brain today, so I'll let the images suffice to cheer, entertain, and inspire you.

2nd in a series of Harvey eating grass

got some in his grasp

3rd in a series of Harvey eating grass

ooooopen wide!

4th in a series of Harvey eating grass

finger lickin good