About This Site (and about Dan too)

Since I first began "surfing the net" way back in the nineties, I always wanted a "home page". Are not such things the heart of each person's internet presence? Perhaps not any longer, in this age of Facebooks and whatnot, but I'm old school. So.

At some point I obtained the means to gratify this desire. This page presents a sort of sampling of my interests, or that subset of my interests which I would like to present to the internet. Most well-curated is the books page, where I record as much of my reading as I remember; it is an accurate record of the variety of my literary tastes, both in subject matter and in frequency. I will at some point put up some more of our recipes on the cooking page. The rest—well, there's not much to say beyond that I like music, gardening, and cycling. I also write down the weather very nearly every day.

about Dan

Born 1977, childhood spent in Lexington and Hong Kong, now in Bedford. Married to Leah in 2005, got Rascal the same year, Harvey born 2009, Zion 2011. College at the usual time (Cornell University in this case). After various jobs from editor to ice-cream server, decided to become a teacher. Studied at UMass Lowell, three years as an assistant (stayed in the role to have more time with Harvey). Super ready to teach now.

Aside from blogging and things, I also leverage social media (for limited values of leverage). I am somewhat active on Twitter and not at all (though present) on either Facebook or LinkedIn; feel free to friend me or follow me or whatever it is one does, if you'd like. Oh yeah, Vimeo too.