November 19th: Two half-pints of cranberry sauce (white sugar and a little orange zest) with cranberries from the farmers market 2-3 weeks ago.
November 1st: Four half-pints of apple butter.
October 30th: Two pints of apple sauce from the shamrock apples.
October 18th: 2 quarts and 2 pints of applesauce with Shamrock apples (said to be like Golden Delicious) from the Stevens' farm share, and a half-pint of pickled jalapenos with the last of our peppers.
October 10th: Made a pint and a half pint of pickled Yellow Wax peppers and a half pint of pickled seeded jalapeno slices with peppers picked moments before in the garden, and two pints of garlic dill pickles (spears) with cucumbers from last week's farmers market (all were pickled in the same mix of cider vinegar, water, and salt).
October 5th: Three quarts of applesauce: #2 Cortland apples from the farmers market on October 2nd.
September 4th:
two jars of pickled peppers

Peter Piper something something

Made 6 half-pints of jalapeno jelly and 2 pints of Italian pickled peppers with peppers picked this morning.
September 3rd: Made 4 pints and 4 half pints of bread-and-butter pickles with cucumbers from Wilson Farm (bought 8/30).
August 30th: Froze two quart bags of tomatoes, picked days ago and left to ripen on the windowsill.
August 29th: Froze another batch of basil pesto with almonds.
August 21st: Froze a batch of basil pesto (made with almonds).
August 15th: Made more garlic dill pickles (with cucumbers from the farmers market) and reprocessed the peach jam, which failed to set.
August 6th: Made 3 pints and 6 half-pints of peach jam with Parlee Farm peaches and 5 pints of zucchini relish with our zucchinis (picked over a week ago).
August 5th: Made 3 pints and 3 half-pints of blueberry jam (same blueberries as the previous batch), 5 pints of garlic dill pickles (cucumbers from Wilson Farm; would have been 6 pints but one broke in processing), and 2 pints of pickled peppers (our peppers, picked 15 minutes prior).
August 2nd: Made 6 half-pints of jalapeno jelly and 2 pints and 4 half-pints of blueberry jam (our jalapenos and Parlee Farm blueberries, both picked today).
July 29th: Froze a batch of pesto (made with walnuts).
July 16th: Made four and a half pints of blueberry jam with blueberries from Parlee Farm, picked I believe on the 10th; also froze some blueberries.
June 10th: Made 4 half-pints of strawberry-rhubarb jam with strawberries from Parlee (6/6) and rhubarb from the garden. Also froze a couple quarts of Parlee strawberries.
June 7th: Made 4 pints of strawberry jam with strawberries from Parlee (6/6) and 6 half-pints of mint jelly with mint from the garden.