October 12th: 2 pints and 10 half pints of jalapeno jelly, split evenly between hot (with seeds) and medium (without); also 2 pints of hungarian yellow wax peppers, 1 pint of jalapenos with seeds, 1 half pint of seeded jalapenos, and 1 half pint of red jalapenos.
August 25th: Four quarts of garlic dill spears, low spice, with cucumbers from the farmers market five or six days ago.
August 19th: Three pints and one half pint of pickled Hungarian Yellow Wax peppers and a quart of garlic dill spears, all with veggies from our garden.
August 15th: Five pints and one half pint of bread-and-butter pickles.
August 8th: Made four pints and two half pints of blueberry jam, two quarts of garlic dill spears, and three pints of garlic dill slices.
July 30th: Made three pints and three half-pints of blueberry jam.
June 27th: Made 4 pints of strawberry jam, as well as 2 pints and 7 half-pints of strawberry-rhubarb jam.
June 26th: Froze 3 quarts of strawberries.
June 22nd: Froze 2 quarts of snow peas. Bottled 2 pints of chive flower vinegar.
June 21st: Froze a quart of snow peas.