October 5th: One pint and four half-pints of red pepper jelly.
September 13th: Six half pints and one quarter each of jalapeno jelly and red pepper jelly (same recipe, made with red hungarian hot wax peppers and red jalapenos).
September 11th: Two quarts of cold-packed whole tomatoes (with seeds), and two pints of pickled peppers as on 9/9.
September 9th: Three pints of pickled Hungarian Yellow Wax peppers with water, vinegar, garlic, and salt.
September 6th: Two pints, five half-pints, and two quarter-pints of peach jam (8c peaches, 3.5c sugar, juice and zest from two lemons, pomona's pecitn, cinnamon, nutmeg). Five pints and one half pint of bread and butter pickles.
August 30th: Four quarts of cold-packed half tomatoes, and some quantity of peach jam.
August 29th: Four quarts of peaches in light syrup and four pints of peach jam with Pomonas, lemon zest, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
August 20th: Some jalapeno jelly.
August 2nd: Three pints and three half-pints of blueberry jam, made with blueberries picked 8-1 and the Food in Jars recipe (lemon, cinnamon, nutmeg, liquid pectin).
July 31st: Thee quarts of dill pickle spears (water-vinegar-salt, dill weed and seed, garlic, black peppercorns, a little brown sugar) and three pints of garlic dill pickle chips (Food in Jars recipe from memory).
July 22nd: A quart of dill pickles (with dill weed and peppercorns) and a pint of hot pepper rings (with garlic), both in vinegar-water-salt.
July 18th: Three half pints and three little bitty quarter pints of blackberry jam, made with our blackberries and Pomona's pectin (and lots of seeds).
July 1st: Strawberry jam (2:1 sugar and pomona's pectin); three pints and one half.
June 29th: Strawberry jam (2:1 sugar and pomona's pectin); three pints and three half pints. Strawberry Rhubarb jam: five half pints.