Apr 23 (10:08p): Frost overnight. Bright, clear, and delightfully mild all day; very dry.
Apr 22 (10:00p): Frost overnight. Bright and clear all day; spring-like cool and breezy.
Apr 21 (10:00p): Bright and sunny, with a few scattered clouds. Mild and springlike.
Apr 20 (10:00p): Mostly sunny, with a higher concentration of clouds around mid day. Cheery in the sun but cool—downright chilly in the breeze.
Apr 19 (10:00p):
snow falling the yard

April snow showers bring May snow flowers

Overcast and damp though the morning, with drizzle changing to snow mid morning. Steady snow for a few hours with a trace of accumulation, then some breaks of sun interspersed with light drizzle the rest of the day.
Apr 18 (10:00p): A mix of sun and clouds and breezy, especially in the afternoon. Cheery in the sun but coldish overall.
Apr 17 (10:00p): Chilly and breezy. A mix of sun and clouds: mostly sunny in the morning, then cloudy and quite chilly with a few scattered raindrops mid day, then more sun (but still cold!) in the afternoon.
Apr 16 (9:00p): Overcast and chilly in the morning, with light rain turning steady by mid morning; steady to heavy rain through the rest of the day and slowly warmer. Rain trails off evening—breaks in the clouds and milder after dark.
Apr 15 (7:51p): Overcast, damp, and cold all day; never much above freezing. Light snow, ice, and drizzle off and on from mid morning, with no accumulation. Below freezing before dark.
Apr 14 (10:00p): Clear and mild early, then steadily cloudier and cooler; overcast, damp, and chilly by mid afternoon.
Apr 13 (10:00p): Mostly cloudy; mild or even warm.
Apr 12 (10:00p): Bright and clear all day. Cool and rather breezy, but delightfully springlike in the sun.
Apr 10 (10:00p): Just below freezing overnight. Overcast and damp much of the day, with a little snow, sleet, and drizzle. Clearing towards evening.
Apr 9 (9:38p): Freeze overnight. Bright and clear all day; chilly, but cheery in the sun (adults in winter coats, kids in shorts and t-shirts).
Apr 8 (9:36p): Sunny and coldish but cheery in the morning, then cloudy, damp, and chillier from mid day on.
Apr 7 (10:00p): Overcast at first, then slowly clearing through the morning. Chilly all day, but nice in the sun.
Apr 6 (10:00p):
crocuses in the snow

good thing they're tough little flowers

Bright and clear at first light, then overcast by mid morning and damp and cool. Light snow starting mid day turns heavier through mid afternoon then trails off late afternoon. About half an inch; half melted by evening despite temperatures only a little above freezing.
Apr 5 (9:25p): Hard freeze overnight. Bright and clear all day, and quite breezy; never very much above freezing, and chilly in the breeze despite the strong sun.
Apr 4 (9:31p): Coldish and overcast in the morning, with thick falling mist. Steady rain from the middle of the day, rather warmer, and breezy. Clearing towards evening and quickly cooler; still breezy.
Apr 2 (9:16p): Overcast, damp, and cool in the morning. Light snow beginning after breakfast; heavy through the morning, with accumulation outpacing melting for a few hours. Clearing considerably after noon but still chilly. Below freezing after dark.
Apr 1 (10:00p): Overcast, damp, and coolish in the morning, then breezy with intervals of sun and clouds through the afternoon.
Mar 31 (9:09p): Sunny and mild all day—as lamb-like as could be imagined. A little breeze and cooler towards evening.
Mar 30 (9:40p): Overcast and warm, with spitting rain off and on all day. A little cooler from mid afternoon.
Mar 29 (9:32p): Mostly sunny and mild in the morning, then positively warm mid day. Becoming overcast mid afternoon and cooler, with a little spitting rain in the evening continuing after dark.
Mar 28 (10:00p): Above freezing overnight. Overcast and coolish in the morning, with a little spitting rain early, then mostly sunny and mild through the afternoon.
Mar 27 (9:42p): Hard freeze and heavy frost overnight. Bright and sunny all day, and very cheery in the sun though cool.
Mar 26 (9:28p): Hard freeze and thick frost overnight. Bright and clear all day; chilly but very cheery in the sun.
Mar 25 (10:00p): Cool and damp; intervals of sun interspersed with snow squalls and flurries. No accumulation.
Mar 24 (10:00p): Mostly cloudy, coldish, and damp; a little scattered snow and spitting rain in the afternoon.
Mar 23 (10:15p): A mix of sun and clouds. Charming early-spring temperatures—cool, but warm enough for plenty of melting in the sun.
Mar 22 (10:00p): Overcast and damp early, with moderate fall of sticky snow through the morning; about two inches by mid day. Breaks of sun and warmer afternoon, with all the new snow and more of the old melting.
Mar 21 (10:00p): Flat overcast, damp, and chilly all day.
Mar 19 (9:57p): Cold overnight. Bright, clear, and cold all day, with some breeze; chilly despite the strong sun.
Mar 18 (9:01p): Quite cold overnight. Bright and clear all day and just barely above freezing through the middle of the day—but still lots of melting and mud in the strong sun. Cold again towards evening.
Mar 17 (10:00p): Partly to mostly sunny and quite chilly, even with the strong sun; just a little above freezing through the middle of the day.
Mar 16 (10:13p): A mix of sun and clouds, damp, and chilly; just a little above freezing, and cold with the breeze. A few snowflakes mid morning.
Mar 15 (9:44p): A dusting of icy snow overnight. A mix of sun and clouds; cool, but significant melting in the strong sun.
Mar 14 (9:37p):
lots of snow on the back porch

pretty good for one storm in March...

About a foot and a half of snow on the ground at first light, with lots of drifting. Sunny early, then a mix of sun and clouds mid morning on; fairly mild all day, with significant melting in the sun. Spitting rain/snow after dark.
Mar 13 (10:00p): Light snow overnight with a dusting on the ground at first light, then wet heavy snow until mid morning—about three inches. Fluffier snow and gusty wind through the middle of the day into the evening, then lighter fine snow towards dark. Maybe a foot and half so far, with light snow still falling.
Mar 12 (10:00p): Cold overnight—hard freeze. Sunny in the morning and warm in the sun, then mostly cloudy afternoon, chilly, and damp.
Mar 11 (10:00p): Light freeze overnight. A mix of sun and clouds, and chilly and damp; steadily colder from mid afternoon on.
Mar 8 (9:31p):
sticky snow on and around the chicken coop

heavy snow

Snow continues overnight; about 8 inches of heavy wet snow at first light. Light snow off and on throughout the day, with no additional accumulation and lots of melting and compacting; about three inches on the ground by evening.
Mar 7 (10:00p): Overcast and raw all day. A dusting of snow overnight and some wet snow and sleet early morning, then spitting rain off and on through the day. Breezy in the afternoon. Heavy snow begins after dark.
Mar 6 (9:45p): Freeze overnight. Lumpy overcast much of the day, with a few breaks of sun mid afternoon. Damp and raw; just a bit above freezing all day.
Mar 5 (9:18p): Snow overnight: about half and inch of wet heavy snow at first light. Mostly cloudy and damp in the morning, with the snow melting steadily. Breaks of sun in the afternoon; mild in the sun, but still chilly under clouds. Colder still towards evening.
Mar 4 (9:24p): Overcast and raw all day, though above freezing.
Mar 3 (10:00p): Overcast and damp through mid day with a little light rain/snow early, then clearing somewhat the second half of the afternoon. Chilly all day.
Mar 2 (10:00p): Rain and strong winds most of the day, and chilly. Rain trails off towards evening but still breezy; lots of twigs down and a few limbs and trees.
Feb 28 (7:39p): Just above freezing overnight. Sunny and mild in the morning, then patchy overcast and warm and springlike through the afternoon. Still fairly mild after dark.
Feb 27 (10:00p): Bright, sunny, and springlike all day. Dried laundry on the line for the first time this year.
Feb 26 (9:13p): Misty, overcast, and cool early; breaks of sun after the mist burns off, then overcast through the middle of the day and damp and cool. Clearing late afternoon.
Feb 25 (9:35p): Overcast and cool all day. Wet snow and sleet early, then spitting rain or falling mist the rest of the day.
Feb 24 (10:00p): Mostly sunny and fairly mild in the morning, then overcast, damp, and chilly afternoon.
Feb 23 (10:00p): Overcast and coolish. Light spitting rain off and on from late morning, then steady rain after dark.
Feb 22 (8:04p): Clear and cool in the morning, then cooler as the day goes on. Spitting rain and sleet late morning, then steady snowfall from early afternoon to a little after dark. About an inch of accumulation.
Feb 21 (10:00p): Sunny and very warm all day. Still damp in the morning, but dry and summery through the afternoon. Still very mild after dark.
Feb 20 (9:40p): Mild overnight. Mostly cloudy and warm in the morning, then sunny and positively summery afternoon—windows open. Some high clouds after dark.
Feb 19 (10:00p): Below freezing overnight. Steadily warmer though the morning and mostly sunny, then becoming overcast afternoon and warmer still. Spitting rain evening and a band of heavier rain after dark.
Feb 18 (8:22p):
a tall cap of snow on a porch post

tall snow

Snowing at first light, with 6 or 7 inches of snow simultaneously fluffy and sticky. Clearing soon after and quickly warmer; sunny and springlike by mid morning. More than half the snow melted by mid afternoon. Below freezing again before dark.
Feb 17 (10:00p): Clear and coldish in the morning, though cheery in the sun. High thin overcast moves in mid afternoon along with damp colder air. Fine snow begins after dark and picks up quickly: half an inch on the ground after less than an hour.
Feb 16 (9:49p): Overcast, mild, and misty most of the day. Steadily cooler from mid afternoon on with a breeze developing; still above freezing after dark with clearing skies.
Feb 15 (9:26p): Mild all day. Mostly to partly cloudy through the morning with moments that almost seemed sunny, then warmer and overcast afternoon with a little spitting rain off and on. Misty after dark.
Feb 14 (10:00p): Overcast and cold early, then clearing by mid morning and mild in the sun.
Feb 13 (9:45p): Cold overnight. Sunny most of the day and gradually warmer: up near freezing mid afternoon, with mud in the sunny spots, then freezing again before dark.
Feb 12 (9:35p): Just above freezing overnight. Mostly cloudy and fairly mild through mid afternoon, then clearing and moving colder: below freezing before dark.
Feb 11 (10:00p): Moderate rain overnight continues all day. Mild and springlike in the morning, then cooling from mid day. Rain trails off after dark.
Feb 10 (10:00p): Below freezing overnight but quickly warmer; mild by mid morning and mostly cloudy. Continued mild after dark with light spitting rain gradually intensifying.
Feb 9 (10:00p): Quite cold overnight. Mostly sunny in the morning and gradually warmer; a mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon and warmer, though never above freezing.
Feb 8 (10:00p): Hard freeze overnight: all that slush turned solid. Sunny and cold in the morning, then more clouds afternoon and somewhat warmer, though damp and raw.
Feb 7 (10:00p): Flat overcast morning, and damp and cool. Light snow beginning mid morning quickly becomes heavy; with about three inches on the ground it changes over to rain mid afternoon. Snow compacted but not much melted; still complete coverage in unshoveled areas, and lots of slush on streets.
Feb 6 (9:43p): Overcast, damp, and coldish early. Snow flurry mid morning leaves half and inch of accumulation, then intervals of sun and clouds the rest of the day, breezy, and continued raw.
Feb 5 (9:29p): More rain overnight, then clearing by mid morning. Mostly sunny the rest of the day; strong sun, but damp and breezy. Muddy until late afternoon, then the ground freezes again.
Feb 4 (10:37p): Flat overcast early and damp and cold. Warmer towards mid day, with a little light rain early afternoon. Rain stops and warmer mid afternoon, then steady rain after dark.
Feb 3 (10:28p): Bright, clear, and cold all day.
Feb 2 (10:00p): Half an inch of icy wet snow overnight. Overcast and fairly mild—right around freezing—early, then clearing and steadily cooler late morning on. Breezy afternoon and well below freezing.
Feb 1 (9:05p): Flat overcast in the morning, and cold and damp. Sunny mid day and steadily warmer though the afternoon, with overcast returning late afternoon.
Jan 31 (10:30p): Sunny and coldish through mid afternoon, but pleasant in the sun; gathering clouds and damp later afternoon and chilly-feeling despite the rising temperature. Never above freezing all day.
Jan 30 (9:37p): Snow falling overnight and through early afternoon, with under an inch of accumulation. Breezy, cold, and damp in the morning; a little milder afternoon, but still below freezing.
Jan 29 (10:06p): Overcast, damp, and chilly. Above freezing until mid afternoon but cool-feeling still, then steadily colder. Light snow starts after dark.
Jan 28 (9:00p): Overcast, with some breaks of sun afternoon. Steady mild temperatures through mid afternoon, then cooling towards evening.
Jan 27 (10:00p): Sunny and cool in the morning; some cloud cover towards mid day and quickly warmer. A mix of sun and clouds, breezy, and mild afternoon. Still very mild after dark.
Jan 26 (10:00p): Bright and clear. Cold in the morning, then steadily warmer through the day; close to or above freezing mid afternoon.
Jan 25 (10:00p): Bright and clear all day, and cold and breezy. Never above freezing, but some melting in the sun.
Jan 24 (10:00p): A mix of sun and clouds; mild in the morning, then cooler through the afternoon.
Jan 23 (9:20p): Overcast and raw all day. Misty early with mist freezing on surfaces for serious widespread black ice, then steady rain beginning mid morning icing trees and wires. Slightly above freezing from mid afternoon, so the rain melts the ice. Rain trails off early evening.
Jan 22 (9:07p): Overcast and damp; just above freezing all day. Spitting rain off and on.
Jan 21 (10:00p): Sunny and mild—positively spring-like mid day. Below freezing again soon after dark.
Jan 20 (10:00p): Mix of sun and clouds and mild: lots of melting all day.
Jan 19 (10:00p): Overcast, raw, and chilly: close to or above freezing much of the day, but cold-feeling with breeze and humidity. A tiny bit of very fine snow afternoon.
Jan 18 (9:00p): A dusting more of snow overnight. Bright and sunny: below freezing all day—though close mid afternoon—but plenty of melting in the strong sun.
Jan 17 (10:00p): Fine snow at first light, then falling thickly by mid morning. Three or four inches on the ground by late morning, when it gets warm enough for new snow to just compress what's there; a little light rain and ice mixed in as well. Very light precipitation continues after dark.
Jan 16 (9:15p): This overcast with some breaks of sun in the morning; damp and raw. Thicker overcast and a little warmer afternoon.
Jan 15 (10:02p): Cold and raw; cloudy, with a few snow showers.
Jan 14 (10:00p): Ground frozen solid overnight. Clear and cold—below freezing all day.
Jan 13 (10:00p): Cool but not cold and mostly sunny early morning, then a brief shower followed by overcast skies and steadily dropping temperatures. Cold, clearing, and breezy in the afternoon; below freezing by mid afternoon at least.
Jan 12 (10:00p):
heavy mist coming off the melting snow

the poor snow didn't stand a chance

Mild overnight: well above freezing, with thick mist at first light that clears somewhat through the morning. Mostly cloudy early then some cleaning mid morning, warmer still—door open all day!—and breezy: amazingly quick melting of snow. Light rain begins early afternoon, then heavy rain and gusty breeze after dark.
Jan 11 (10:00p): Mostly cloudy and strangely mild: snow very soft by mid morning, with plenty of melting. Still mild after dark.
Jan 10 (10:00p): Mostly sunny and mild: above freezing in the middle of the day.
Jan 9 (10:26p): Mostly sunny and mild—above freezing by late morning. More clouds towards evening and quickly cooling.
Jan 8 (9:38p): Overcast early, then clearing mid morning—mostly sunny the rest of the day. Warmer: up near freezing most of the afternoon. Lots of icicles.
Jan 7 (8:24p): Very cold overnight, then steadily warmer in the bright sunshine mid day (though not close to freezing). Chilly again by mid afternoon.
Jan 6 (10:00p): Bright and clear; very cold and breezy.
Jan 5 (9:32p):
snow on the shed

after the blizzard

Overcast at first light with very light snow falling, then clear by mid morning. Steadily colder throughout the day; breezy in the afternoon.
Jan 4 (10:00p): Light snow starts the first part of the morning, and quickly picks up: fine blowy snow falls thickly until a little after dark. About a foot all told. Breezy all day; strong gusty winds in the afternoon.
Jan 3 (9:09p): Very cold overnight, then steadily warmer under mostly sunny skies with thin high wispy clouds. Almost up to freezing mid afternoon, then cooler again towards evening.
Jan 2 (9:41p): Clear and bitter cold in the morning: -14°F after sunrise and breezy. Hazy overcast afternoon and rather warmer, though still well blow freezing. Single digits and clear again after dark.
Jan 1 (8:28p): Bright, clear, and very cold all day.