Mar 2 (10:00p): Snow starting early morning, falling thickly for a little while but without much accumulation; then light wet snow through early afternoon. Cool and overcast the rest of the day. About an inch of accumulation.
Mar 1 (10:00p): Bright and clear most of the day. Above freezing by early afternoon, and charmingly mild in the strong sun. Hazy overcast in the west late afternoon.
Feb 28 (10:00p): Some snow still falling at first light, with about three inches of very fluffy snow on the ground. Clearing by mid morning; below freezing all day, but plenty of melting in the strong sun.
Feb 27 (10:00p): Overcast early then intervals of sun and clouds afternoon. Damp and quite cold all day. Light snow beginning after dark.
Feb 26 (10:10p): Mostly sunny, coldish, and still quite breezy: less so than the day before, but still well above average!
Feb 25 (9:15p): Intervals of rain and sun with a few violent snow squalls in the morning, then mostly cloudy and very windy from mid morning. Lots of limbs and a few whole trees down. A little above freezing all day but chilly in the breeze.
Feb 24 (10:11p): Overcast and breezy. Spitting rain through the morning and chilly, then warmer with light rain and thick mist afternoon.
Feb 21 (10:13p): Snow changes to freezing rain overnight: two or three inches of wet then frozen solid snow, plus a coating of ice. Overcast and right around freezing in the morning, then clearing, mild, and springlike afternoon.
Feb 20 (10:00p): Quite cold overnight and into the morning; steadily warmer but still overcast and damp cold all day. Light snow starts after dark.
Feb 19 (8:54p): Beautifully clear all day. Quite cold early, then steadily warmer: just below freezing mid day but very pleasant in the sun. Cold again after mid afternoon.
Feb 18 (10:00p): Snow overnight, with maybe three inches of light fluffy snow on the ground at first light. Overcast and damp and right around freezing all day, with snow off and on but no real additional accumulation.
Feb 14 (10:13p): Freeze overnight turns the snow solid, and leaves some serious ice in cleared spots. Coolish and damp all day—just a little above freezing—with a mix of sun and clouds.
Feb 13 (9:49p): Rain overnight turns the snow to wet concrete by morning. A little above freezing all day: a mix of sun and clouds in the morning with a few scattered flurries, then overcast mid afternoon on. Below freezing after dark with a more serious flurry and a trace of accumulation.
Feb 12 (10:00p): Clear and quite cold overnight. Gathering overcast in the morning and slowly warmer, with fine snow starting mid afternoon and accumulating quickly. Snow mixes with ice and rain after dark; three or four inches of accumulation so far.
Feb 11 (10:16p): Clear and cool: solid freeze overnight, but above freezing through the middle part of the day.
Feb 10 (10:00p): Mostly sunny and coldish: below freezing all morning, and just a little above mid afternoon. More clouds after dark.
Feb 9 (10:34p): Mostly sunny and seasonably cold; not much above freezing at the warmest point.
Feb 8 (10:00p): Mild and drizzly early, then clearing mid day: warm and springlike. Steadily colder from mid afternoon; below freezing and quite breezy after dark.
Feb 7 (10:00p): Mild and misty early, then light rain mixing with few snowflakes mid day. Easily above freezing all day.
Feb 6 (10:00p): Freeze overnight. Clear and cool early, and steadily warmer: above freezing the first part of the morning. Cloudy afternoon, with spitting rain after dark.
Feb 5 (10:00p):
Harvey and Zion on their bikes in shorts and short sleeves

warm snap

Again warm and springlike: well above freezing overnight, and above 60° early afternoon. Mostly sunny morning, with gathering overcast later. Cooler from mid afternoon.
Feb 4 (10:00p): Very mild—warm, even—all day, under cloudless sky.
Feb 3 (10:30p): Fairly mild overnight—just a bit below freezing. Overcast and damp all day, and chilly despite the warmer temperatures. A little melting of snow.
Feb 2 (9:43p): Cold early but steadily warmer though the day—right around freezing by mid afternoon under gathering overcast. Not much colder after dark.
Feb 1 (10:00p): Cold overnight: around 0°F. Clear early, then a few hazy clouds from mid morning. Slowly warmer through mid afternoon, but easily below freezing all day.
Jan 31 (9:58p): Bright, clear, and quite cold all day. Sparkly.
Jan 30 (10:00p): Snow mixes with sleet or rain overnight; between one and two inches of accumulation total. Clearing early coldish, with the temperature dropping slowly most of the day. A dusting of new snow after dark.
Jan 29 (10:00p): Overcast and damp. Cold early, and steadily warmer throughout the day. Scattered snowflakes early afternoon, then warmer still with steady snow after dark.
Jan 27 (10:00p): Coldish all day; clear in the morning, then slowly gathering overcast from early afternoon.
Jan 26 (10:00p): Bright and clear all day and coldish; just below freezing at the warmest point, mid afternoon.
Jan 25 (9:20p): Freeze overnight. Clear and coldish in the morning, then a mix of sun and clouds afternoon and a little warmer; a bit above freezing mid afternoon.
Jan 24 (10:00p): Startlingly warm. Above freezing all night, and springlike warm by mid morning. Overcast all day and breezy, especially in the afternoon, with steady rain—heavy at times. Colder after dark.
Jan 23 (9:59p): Overcast, damp, and breezy. Coldish early but steadily warmer: above freezing by early afternoon, and still fairly mild after dark. Lots of melting of the snow.
Jan 22 (10:23p):
on the Concord River, frozen from bank to bank

ice road

Bright, sunny, and cold most of the day. Very cold overnight, then steadily warmer and very cheerful in the sun; just a little below freezing mid afternoon. Hazy overcast after dark.
Jan 21 (8:29p): Very cold all day: just barely above zero. Clear in the morning, then overcast from early afternoon. Breezy late afternoon with light snow falling off and on.
Jan 20 (9:47p): Snow mixes with sleet (and maybe some rain) overnight. Breezy and damp all day, and right around freezing, with sleety snow falling until late afternoon—maybe 10 inches total. Clearing and dramatically colder after dark.
Jan 19 (10:00p): A little below freezing all day. Sunny early then hazy overcast, with fine snow starting late afternoon, accumulating lightly right away.
Jan 18 (10:00p): Cold overnight and the first part of the morning, then steadily warmer; above freezing mid afternoon into evening.
Jan 17 (9:30p): Clear and cold in the morning, then some hazy clouds—and still cold—afternoon.
Jan 16 (9:17p): Mostly sunny early, then hazy overcast by mid morning. Coldish and damp; right around freezing.
Jan 15 (10:00p): Cold overnight. Mostly sunny and steadily warmer; peeking above freezing by early afternoon.
Jan 14 (7:11p): Overcast and damp cold early, then clearing afternoon and warmer, though never above freezing.
Jan 13 (10:00p): Clear and cold all day; cheery in the sun afternoon.
Jan 12 (10:00a): Quite cold overnight and into the morning. Clear and chilly all day; never above freezing.
Jan 11 (10:11p): Clear, breezy, and cold; well below freezing all day.
Jan 10 (9:59p): Right around freezing all day. Flat overcast and damp cold in the morning with light snow off and on. Some texture to the overcast and a few breaks of sun afternoon. Breezy after dark.
Jan 9 (8:54p): Rain overnight. Clearing at first light and fairly mild, then becoming overcast mid day, breezy, and damp cold.
Jan 8 (10:00p): Light snow the first part of the morning, with a dusting of accumulation. Snow changes to misty rain mid morning; rain off and on the rest of the day.
Jan 7 (9:18p): Breezy and cold overnight. Clear and quite cold early, and warmer only slowly; safely below freezing all day. Overcast developing mid afternoon, and damp.
Jan 6 (8:17p): Light freeze with very heavy fall of frost at first light. Mostly sunny and fairly mild through mid day, then a few squally storms afternoon and steadily cooler. Chilly and breezy after dark.
Jan 5 (9:50p): Overcast with light rain off and on all day. Damp and chilly despite being well above freezing. Very muddy.
Jan 3 (9:09p): Light snow beginning at first light leaves a dusting, then clearing with immediate melting in the strong sun. Above freezing by late morning, then gathering clouds and cooler early afternoon. More sun again late afternoon.
Jan 2 (9:04p): Mostly sunny, calm, and coldish; right around freezing all day.
Jan 1 (7:33p): Misty early and quickly very much warmer, then clearing and very breezy by mid morning and steadily cooler. Chilly, damp and breezy afternoon with clear skies, then close to freezing after dark.