Feb 25 (8:55p): Mild overnight: windows open. Mostly sunny and warm much of the day—not quite as bizarrely hot but still very mild. Overcast and a little bit cooler towards evening, with light rain starting after dark.
Feb 24 (10:00p):
Zion and Nathan playing shirtless in the yard

a little warm for February

Mostly sunny (with a few moments of cloudiness) and even hotter. Seriously like a cool summer day.
Feb 23 (10:00p): Clear. Mild early and steadily warmer; summery hot by early afternoon, with a good gusty breeze. Significant snow melt: just about gone in sunny spots.
Feb 22 (10:00p): Above freezing overnight, and mild to warm all day. Some clouds in the morning; mostly sunny afternoon.
Feb 21 (9:52p): Cold overnight; fairly mild through the middle of the day—a little above freezing even into the evening. Mostly sunny morning, a few more clouds afternoon.
Feb 20 (10:33p): Sunny all day and mild—wintery mild, not bizarrely warm late spring weather. Below freezing after dark.
Feb 19 (10:21p): Above freezing overnight. Mostly sunny all day and warm—even hot mid afternoon.
Feb 18 (10:00p): Sunny through the morning, then some clouds afternoon. Mild or even warm all day; still mild after dark.
Feb 17 (10:00p): Bright and sunny, and not too cold; above freezing much of the day.
Feb 16 (9:21p): A mix of sun and hazy overcast, and fairly mild. Quick freeze after dark.
Feb 15 (8:45p): Overcast and damp; above freezing but chilly with the dampness. A little spitting rain late afternoon, then misty after dark. Light snow and ice balls beginning to fall just now.
Feb 14 (10:06p): Sunny and mild. Some melting, and lots of big icicles. Suddenly colder after dark with a flash freeze and heavy frost.
Feb 13 (10:42p):
snow on the trees and everything else in the yard

sticky snow

About four more inches of wet sticky snow overnight. Overcast, damp, and cool the first part of the morning, with some melting from roofs and trees; breaks of sun late morning, breezy, and colder. A mix of sun and clouds the rest of the day with strong gusty winds. Clear after dark.
Feb 12 (8:28p): Overcast, damp, and cool—right around freezing all day. Light snow mist first thing turns to steady snow late morning and continues through the rest of the day. About 6 inches of heavy wet snow on the ground so far.
Feb 11 (8:57p): Snow overnight; about three new inches on the ground at first light with light snow mist continuing to fall. Overcast and damp cold all day, with snow mist and a few flurries through the morning; thinner overcast with no snow afternoon.
Feb 10 (10:00p): Bright, clear, and cold much of the day, and very breezy. Gathering clouds from mid afternoon clear again after dark.
Feb 9 (10:00p):
our snowman through the blizzard

leaning against the blast

Light fine snow at first light. Much heavier wind-whipped snow late morning—blizzard conditions for a few hours early afternoon. Snow trails off evening with 8-10 inches of very fine blowy accumulation. Clearing after dark.
Feb 8 (10:13p):
a layer of ice on dried spirea flowers


Heavy icing overnight. Overcast and mild early, with every surface very icy, then clearing and warm and springlike through mid afternoon. Hazy overcast and colder evening.
Feb 7 (10:24p): Overcast, damp, and cold early. Light snow starting mid morning quickly becomes heavy, with about four inches falling in a few hours. Snow changes to light rain, ice, and falling mist early afternoon through evening. Freeze after dark.
Feb 6 (11:02p): Clear, coldish, and breezy most of the day; becoming overcast late afternoon.
Feb 5 (9:35p): Thin overcast, damp, and coldish all day; close to or above freezing but chilly with the damp.
Feb 4 (9:41p): Mostly to partly sunny; damp wintery cold all day.
Feb 2 (10:51p): Mostly sunny and coldish, with a few clouds and very brief flurries afternoon.
Feb 1 (10:06p): Maybe two inches of light, fluffy snow overnight. Mostly sunny through the morning, cloudier afternoon, and clear again after dark. Not too cold—much of the snow melted by mid afternoon.
Jan 31 (11:17p): Sunny and cold early. Overcast moves in by mid morning; warmer, but feeling colder in the damp breeze. Fine snow starting mid afternoon, steady by evening; a thin coating on the ground so far.
Jan 30 (10:00p): Intervals of sun and clouds all day, and coldish; below freezing the first part of the morning and again towards evening.
Jan 29 (9:54p): Freeze overnight, then above freezing all day with a mix of sun and clouds.
Jan 28 (9:05p): Clear early and late, mostly cloudy in the middle of the day. Dampish and chilly, though above freezing all day.
Jan 27 (10:00p): Largely clear, with a few scattered clouds. Chilly in the morning—close to freezing—but practically spring-like mid afternoon. Wintery again after dark.
Jan 26 (10:12p): Mild and springlike much of the day: intervals of sun and clouds, with a few brief showers in the afternoon. Clearing and cooler evening.
Jan 25 (9:26p): Mostly sunny and coldish through mid afternoon, then some clouds the last part of the day. Above freezing but breezy and still damp despite the sun.
Jan 24 (9:42p): Very breezy overnight, with an inch of wet grainy snow changing to spitting rain at first light. Less breezy in the afternoon but light rain or falling mist continues all day.
Jan 23 (9:15p): Overcast, cool and damp much of the day. Snow flurries, heavy at times, for the first part of the morning, then a few glimpses of mid morning. Lighter snow off and on into the afternoon, changing to light rain and ice evening. Breezy with harder rain after dark.
Jan 22 (9:13p): Just below freezing overnight. A mix of sun and clouds, dry, and fairly mild most of the morning, then becoming overcast and damp chilly mid day. Spitting rain begins mid afternoon.
Jan 21 (9:06p): Startlingly warm—like late spring. Bright and clear through mid afternoon, then clouds gradually filling in. Still very mild after dark.
Jan 20 (10:00p): Overcast, damp, and fairly mild: above freezing all day.
Jan 19 (10:00p): A dusting of snow overnight. Surprisingly mild and springlike: mostly sunny through the morning, then becoming overcast mid afternoon.
Jan 18 (10:08p): Overcast, damp, and chilly all day, with light rain and a little snow in the morning trailing off to falling mist afternoon. Above freezing all day but quite chilly with all the moisture.
Jan 17 (10:11p): Bright and clear through the morning, and just above freezing. Hazy overcast from mid afternoon gets thicker later. Hard rain after dark, mixing with sloppy snow off and on.
Jan 16 (8:03p): Sunny most of the day, with some hazy clouds mid afternoon. Coldish but not frigid.
Jan 15 (9:53p): Bright, sunny, and cool; a bit below freezing all day.
Jan 14 (10:00p): A mix of sun and clouds, and damp cool.
Jan 13 (10:32p): Mostly sunny all day. Mild early but breezy, then gradually cooler from mid morning on: chilly mid day, and below freezing by late afternoon.
Jan 12 (9:14p): Startlingly warm and springlike at first light, and throughout the day. Warm or even hot under mostly cloudy skies—warm even with the fair breeze. Continued very mild after dark.
Jan 11 (10:00p): Rain overnight melts almost all the snow. Clearing at first light; mostly sunny and quite mild all day, though a little cooler after dark.
Jan 10 (9:43p): Very cold overnight. Clear and cold in the morning, and steadily warmer in the strong sun. Becoming overcast from early afternoon and warmer still. Spitting rain after dark.
Jan 9 (9:45p):
frost crystals on a window at grandparents


Very cold overnight. Bright and sunny through the morning; still quite cold, but comfortable in the still air. Hazy overcast in the afternoon and a little more breeze, then clear and cold after dark.
Jan 8 (10:00p):
snow on the hemlocks in our yard at first light

snow at first light

Snow stops overnight; maybe five or six inches of very fine snow in all. Mostly sunny and cold all day.
Jan 7 (8:55p): Flat gray overcast and coldish in the morning. Fine snow starts falling around mid day, thickly by mid afternoon. A little lighter but still steady after dark, with four or five inches on the ground so far.
Jan 6 (10:00p): Fine snow starts before first light: a little less than an inch of accumulation before it stops mid morning. Sunny in the afternoon with a little melting.
Jan 5 (10:11p): Damp, cold, and breezy all day. Mostly cloudy to overcast.
Jan 4 (7:56p): Mostly sunny and not too cold in the morning, and surprisingly warm mid day. Gradually cloudier mid morning on; overcast by mid afternoon and falling mist evening turning to spitting rain and hail a bit after dark.
Jan 3 (10:00p): Overcast, damp, and chilly—though above freezing most of the day. Light rain in the morning becoming steadier afternoon, with plenty of ponding on streets and lawns.
Jan 2 (10:08p): Fairly cold overnight. A mix of sun and clouds through the morning, then lumpy overcast early afternoon on. Not too cold—just above freezing—but damp and chilly.
Jan 1 (9:56p): Flash freeze overnight: lots of black ice. Sunny and fairly mild, with a few small fair-weather clouds.