he still loves a beach
he found a good spot
he has better weight distribution that we do
he's kind enough to wait for us
he is limited to the paths
he doesn't always have time for us
and now lie down.
he knows what to do with a garden bed
he enjoys Harvey's Hannukah present
he vacations in Bar Harbor
he's just one of the animals
he is braver than the rest of us
he relaxes after opening presents
he waits for the humans to get going again
he is not afraid of the Atlantic in February
he sits for a snowy portrait
he shows off his profile
he runs on the beach
he keeps watch on the neighborhood
he is a tireless hiker
he takes the waters
he wants to chase seagulls
he can jump high
he rests atop a mountain
he rides in the car
he runs fast
he shakes dry after a swim
he sleeps
he enjoys the snow
he lies in his bed
he was much smaller
he plays with a toy