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happy 4th of July!

Harvey eating a watermelon

tastes like 4th of July

The "Picnic in the Park" in neighboring Concord is now a firm tradition in our family, with Harvey enjoying his second one this afternoon—and he hasn't had very many second times at traditions so far! (Sadly, we didn't blog his first Fourth of July... probably because I didn't like my haircut at the time and didn't want to post pictures. That, or we had a two-week old baby...)

It may be argued that Christians shouldn't be celebrating the 4th of July, but at the picnic the observations are much more about listening to music, stuffing our faces with cupcakes and watermelon, and being in community with neighbors. More than just a celebration of this country—and hey, there's plenty about the United States that I'm happy to celebrate!—4th of July is our summer festival, and it's wonderful to cut loose with some bluegrass music and tasty food, and maybe a sparkler or two after it gets dark (if we aren't asleep by then).

Harvey's back, the bike trailer, and a flag

he loves that trailer

Harvey is happy to salute those ideals... or maybe he just wants to get back into the trailer to go home!

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