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Some babies get all the luck

On Friday Gramma Bef came over with an arm-load full of unwanted shirts. "Ooh!" I said, pulling out one then another. "This one is nice! I'd wear this! Thanks!"

Leah wearing the


"Um, I thought you could use them to make some clothes for HARVEY?" she suggested with eyebrows raised.

"Oh. Right. Harvey."

You know... your son? Who you love? And make clothes for? REMEMBER?

Anyway, by dinnertime on Saturday I had him looking like a little Frenchman.

Harvey in the

it's hard to concentrate on the modeling sometimes...

Thanks to the wonderful convenience of owning a serger, this piece only took me 30 minutes. I used the existing hem from the t-shirt for all four pieces, so alls I had to do was cut em out, serge the front and back neck-lines, and serge the whole thing together. No pinning except for the sleeves. And then he had a new t-shirt!

There's a little bit of scrap left over... I might make myself a headband. I know right? INDULGENT!!!!!


In Grandma Beth's defense, she was very properly impressed to see Harvey in his new shirt just the day after she brought over the raw materials...

Matchy-matchy mommy-son French outfits that are also saving the planet and your bank account some serious damage? Woman, you are INCREDIBLE!

Well, they're not so much matchy in that one can't exist while the other does... kind of like Harry Potter and WOAH I JUST BLEW YOUR MIND!!!!!

Dang... mind blown by Leah AGAIN!

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