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yackety yack. Don't talk back!

Harvey suffered through his 15-month doctors check-up today. The doctor asked me whether Harvey was saying any words and I was like, "Yeah... LOTS of them." He asked for some examples so I said, okay...

first there are the foods:
cracker, cookie, milk, tea, turkey, apple, nursing, more

then there are the things to play with:
ball, dog, tractor, car, phone, door, paper, momma, dadda

and the animals:
cow, pig, goat, bear, cat

and the orders:
up, down, no, NO!

At which point the doctor said, "Wow! That's a lot of words!"

And even that list is not nearly exhaustive. This morning Harvey pointed to an ad on the back of the economist and said "airplane" (sounded like "ayah-pain") which blew me away since that's an object he usually only sees in the sky. Also today he dropped his apple and said "apple down" which impressed me because it's almost a sentence.

And these are just the words he draws from memory unprompted, not including all the words he'll repeat when you say them first.

I think what I'm trying to say is, my child is brilliant.

On a more realistic note, Harvey has sunk down to 70th percentile in weight and 60th in height. I guess my children like to do most of their growing inutero and then take it easy for a few years after that. Which explains why I just polished off four cookies while writing this blog post. Or "cooo-keeee!!!!!" as Harvey would say.


He says nursing? WOW! I'm expecting complex math formulas by birthday #2 :)
Seems like your children do most of the post-utero growing in the cranium!

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