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photographic evidence of our growing suburban farm

Remember Dan's blog post on Monday when he said plants were crowding out humans at our kitchen table? Well, he wasn't kidding. Here's what lunch looks like these days:

kitchen table

once and future food

Fortunately I'm feeling too nauseous this month to sit for real meals, so I don't mind having no space to eat. Alls I care about is that some of these sprouts get in the ground and out of our kitchen before baby2 arrives and the well-wishing hordes descend upon our house like a swarm of locusts.

There are other encouraging signs that our farm will be a success this year. Like our youngest farmer who absolutely CAN'T WAIT to get outside with his spade in the morning, even though it's only 7:30 and there's still a heavy layer of frost over the ground.

harvey getting ready to go outside

outside? Havey outside? mama, wagoo, Havey outside?

Oh Harvey. I love being outside too, but 7:30 is too early for yard work, even for me. I picked up three very wet and very cold leaves, and then I said "I'm not doing this until later."

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