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early snow

a trace of snow on the grass around the chicken run

just a dusting

We had some snow last night, which was a little startling. Sure it was forecasted, but I had pooh-poohed the prediction so thoroughly I just about put it out of my mind. So we were excited when, about to leave small group, we noticed that the rain had become something much more interesting. Well, most of us were excited, especially the other kids in the group; Harvey, however, wasn't really. I don't think it's that he doesn't like snow particularly, more that it was nearly 9:00 and his sleepy brain couldn't handle any new information. "The snow's fallin on my pajamas!" he wailed as we carried him to the car.

It fell on just about everything, and stuck much more than a first snowfall before the end of October had any right to. On our apple trees, for example, which led me to marvel at how long it's seemed since we planted them in April. How can weeks and months go by so quickly and the year as a whole so slowly? I think feeling like we've had Zion around absolutely forever has something to do with it.

He's obviously too young yet to enjoy the snow much, though he did look delightfully rosy-cheeked after our walk this evening. Harvey I think will come around. There's four to eight inches in the forecast for tomorrow night, if you can believe that, so maybe we'll be able to modify his early opinion with a snowman or two.

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