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My child the book whisperer

Our boy Harvey, he likes him some books. Big books, little books, the Economist magazine when we're done with it. When he was sick last week I read him a chapter from Winnie the Poo, a book without pictures even, and I caught him this morning mumbling to himself "Sing Ho for the life of a bear!" So there you go. Read him a book and he listens.

A few weeks ago I realized that after Harvey hears a book a few times I can remove a keyword from any sentence and he will deliver the proper word back to me with 90% accuracy. It's quite a party trick, so I decided to capture it on video. I used The Book of Jonah retold by Peter Spier because it was his favorite for the two weeks we had it out of the library, and it makes him seem all that more biblically literate.

The words Harvey delivers come up in subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Apparently other people have a hard time parsing Harvey dialect... I have no idea why, it always seems perfectly clear to me.



I like how the frequency of cuts increases as he starts to lose interest. Very artistic.

Wow.Such a great bonding of mother and child. So sweet indeed. Thanks for the post dear!!

Deborah, I know you're going for the SEO and all but we'd be less likely to delete your comment on sight if you used your actual name.

I mean, thanks for the kind words!

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