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One big bonus to having two boys is that clothes I made for Harvey get a second life as handmade-me-downs. Remember these pants I made for Harvey? When he was walking around and all? Well they're now gracing this cute crawling bottom.

zion in harveys tan pants

budding cyclist

Or the octokaidekapus t-shirt. Here it is on Harvey and then on Zion.

Harvey modeling his oktokaidekapus shirt

18 arms to hold you

zion in octo shirt


What is it with my babies making Rollin with the Homies hand gestures anytime I try to take their picture?

Anyway, it gives me incentive to work up some more upcycled pants once the Easter sewing madness is done. And by done I mean began. And also middled. It's so difficult when playing on the porch is so much more adorable!

zion smiling in the high chair



OMG, I *love* the octokaidekapus shirt!

Not the oktokaidekapus t-shirt!!!!!! Awwww.

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