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pray as if everything depended on God, act as if everything depended on you

We are cleaning up after breakfast and I am wearing my big apron.

Harvey: "Mama, you haven't made me a new apron yet!"

"That's right," I say, "I've been waiting until the Easter sewing is done." (That's not really true, actually. I just forgot he had asked for it.)

"I pray in my heart for it," Harvey says.

"What did you say?" I say, turning off the water. "Did you say you pray in your heart for it?"

"When the sun comes up, when it's almost morning, when I'm in my bed, I pray in my heart for an apron."

Yeah, he totally said that, I am not making this up.

"For heaven sakes, Harvey!" I exclaim. "I'm glad you pray but it would have been more direct to ask the seamstress!"


LOVE. :-) What a beautiful reminder that we never know what these kids are praying for in their hearts! I pray that he'll grow up and love to cook! ;-)

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