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More crafting as beekeeping diversion

While I wait for Dan to upload the photos of the hive work I did on Wednesday, I'll share some images from a different hobby, something I don't suck at as much as beekeeping. I'm talking about making crap out of felt.

Harvey and Zion sitting on the porch in their felt crowns

kings of the front porch

Harvey asked for a new crown for his birthday, but a crown is so easy to whip up I thought why wait a month when what he really wants is to play with a crown right now. I let Harvey and Zion pick their felt colors, and I also let them lay out the "confetti" embellishments on the top, which was an exercise in not being controlling. (Zion's you can see is a little too precise, evidence that I did it for him under loose direction.) Once the pieces were in place I embroidered them down with french knots, some of which, Harvey points out, are looser than others. I have no idea where his perfectionism comes from.

it's good to be the king

I also increased the number of felt characters Zion can play with in his Easter set. You remember the original three I made on Easter, in addition to the cross and the tomb:

easter starter set

Under the children's direction I added some other characters. See if you can identify all of them from your vast knowledge of biblical iconography.

the new guys

Hopefully everyone correctly identified the angel and to his left Pontius Pilate (the bowl for hand-washing is the clue). On the bottom row we have four disciples: Peter who is holding the rooster, Simon the zealot, Judas Iscariot carrying the money bag (whose hair is streaked gray from worry), and Mark, whose robe is loosely tied like it's about to fall off when he runs away. I listed them from right to left because they lived in Hebrew times.

I have several more faces made for other disciples and for Pharisees, but I don't have any black for the priests and I didn't know how to convey 'tax-collector' or 'doubter' or 'son-of-thunder' in felt accessories, so I took a break. Maybe I'll have a burst of creativity next time I sit down at my sewing desk.

The boys are playing with the characters right now, and they seem to have lost one because they are standing on the porch calling "Jesus? Jeeeeeeesus???" Either that or something really cool is going on outside.

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