cooking light

There are many signals of the changing seasons that begin to present themselves to us at this time of year, but none is more striking or evocative than the need to rediscover where the light-switches are in the kitchen. Yes, thoughout the long summer days which are now nothing but a fond memory I had barely any need to ever light the kitchen, and those few instances when I needed a late-night snack the single overhead light sufficed for all my visibility needs. Those days are gone. The other day I was cooking dinner and couldn't see what I was doing, and had to search out the switches for the lights under the cabinets. You can keep your falling leaves and school buses, those lights are enough of a sign of fall to me.

Of course, we've got a whole nother month til we see fall for real, but with this global warming business the seasons are coming earlier. Spring did, anyways, so it stands to reason that fall will too.