so proud of myself

I brought Leah lunch at work this afternoon--and though that alone may be reason to be proud of myself, that isn't what I'm talking about. No, what I'm proud of today is my awesome biking prowess. I though I did pretty good going down, but coming home I was just unstoppable. There were alot of cars out (lunch hour and all) so it took them a while to get started when the lights changed, so two or three times I zipped right past a bunch of em. Cause of course I got every light until 14th St.; and in fact, I was quicker than cars all the way between 4th and 15th or so. That's what I'm proud of. I also got both lights on 17th, which was nice.

Then Leah brought me to the gym this evening, and showed me what actually being in shape is like. I didn't do too well. Oh well, I was proud for a good six hours... I'll take it!

I was also proud because I gained a great victory in my battle with PHP, and made a working style switcher!! Only... it doesn't work in Safari for some reason. I can't imagine why not. But that's a battle for tomorrow.

heaven is a place with no phones

so good news and bad news about work is that since the party business has really picked up, especially on our phone order business. the bad news is that that means that the phone does not stop ringing at all all day at the store. as soon as i put it down it rings again. i am taking phone orders in my sleep. i am answering my cell phone and home phone saying "good afternoon lululemon this is leah speaking." with only three people on the floor, the constant phone drain makes it impossible to get anything done, and also sucks our time away from customers in the store. then we run around like beheaded chickens trying to catch up before the phone rings again. both today and yesterday i came home very very frustrated, because of the constant phone ringing, and also because of being so busy the store gets all messy, and especially the cash desk just gets pilled with piles of crap, and both days i've had to stay an hour later just straightening and finishing all i didn't get to finish during the day.

being a floor supervisor is hard.

Thank God for dan, who comes almost every day to bring me lunch. today i took ten minutes to eat with him, which was nice.

The other big news of the day is that our good friend David Duchovney came into the store again today looking for a valentines day gift for his lovely wife. i was much relieved to find out that the crops he bought her on his previous trip fit her, and so he bought her anouther pair of pants in the medium tall length. (even though i said "are you sure she takes a medium???" about five times.) Well, maybe she likes it baggy, because as Kerry put it "she's MIN-I-A-TURE." Anyways, i wrapped him up a gift box all nice and pretty, and then (the best moment in my whole work day) he said "what's your name?" and i said "Leah." and he said "Leah, i'm David, nice to meet you." flutter flutter.
Now at least i can feel not weird about calling him by name when he comes into the store. i mean, he is kind of a regular now. The only regular in our yoga store with a really cool expensive white-faded leather jacket.

happy valentines day

I had a wonderful Valentines Day, cause Leah took me out to breakfast and went hiking (well, beach-walking and cliff-climbing and path-walking) with me, and let me watch rugby during dinner. But I made her penut noodles for dinner and bought her tofuti cuties for desert, and also I took her out for breakfast. So we're about even. Happy Valentines Day to everyone!