food is love

Zion's friend slept over Sunday night, which was exciting. He's a budding chef and enthusiastic about food, and our boys are always happy to eat, so as they planned it all out breakfast featured prominently. I don't know what we came up with Monday morning was all that they dreamed of, but I think it was fine to start off Valentines Day. There were pancakes and waffles, whipped cream, sliced strawberries and mashed strawberries, maple syrup and chocolate syrup, and scrambled eggs. Plus orange juice, cider, and tea. We all got quite full.

Not that we could even have been that hungry to begin with! For dinner the night before Leah had made BBQ-style chicken (and seitan), mashed potatoes, garlic bread, broccoli, and giant brownies. And we didn't let being stuffed slow us down later in the day when, for school, we made and decorated sugar cookies to go with the leftover brownies and the muffins our friends brought. But dinner, I promise you, was light.