an effort

A couple weeks ago I had written most of a blog post about our trip to the Discovery Museum, only to have all my work disappear in a computer crash. I'm not a fast writer, and having thought of the best way to phrase everything once I really didn't feel like doing it all again. Especially since I was sure it would be worse the second time. Especially since writing in this blog at all is of dubious worth in the first place, compared to how much time it takes me. So I got a little discouraged.

It's maybe easy to get discouraged homeschooling three boys who are a lot like me. Our discouragements all reflect on each other until none of us is doing anything at all. But since it's on me to break the cycle and inject some energy into things, I need to get going. I want Harvey to work on some writing; I can't ask him to write if I'm not doing it myself! It's not like I don't have things to write about (leaving aside their interest to any potential audience; I try not to think about that!). Maybe one day I'll even have another go at that Discovery Museum post.