new year, old pancakes

A couple days before Christmas, our neighbors came by with a gift. They moved in a in the summer, so we've only known them in the pandemic times and barely had a chance to get to know them; not that we would anyways, since they're much classier than we are. Very kind, too: they brought us a gift basket with Wilson Farm pancake mix and syrup. Awesome, we love pancakes! Only it turns out we're a little spoiled. We made the day after Christmas, having missed our usual Friday pancake day—though when I saw that the recipe called for nothing more than the mix, water, and an egg OR two tablespoons oil, my hopes were not high. Accurately; they weren't bad, by any means, but thin and kind of tough and pretty much blah. We ate them, of course! With the syrup and leftover Christmas ham they made a fine breakfast. But then today was Friday again and we got to have the real thing. True, stores aren't carrying wheat germ any more so I've had to adjust our recipe, but with white and whole wheat flour, buttermilk, two well-beaten eggs, and plenty of butter we have pancakes that come out light and fluffy and tender to the fork; just about perfect. A good way to start a new year.