knee-high is like head height to him

I know it's tedious to read about Harvey's food enthusiasms two days in a row, but in the summer the new foods keep coming and the little gourmand keeps enjoying them. Last night it was some super-early local corn (is there any other kind?!), which quite surprised me by its appearance at Wilson Farm, our local farm-stand-slash-supermarket, a full month ahead of schedule—and clearly alot better than knee-high at this stage! Planted indoors and painstakingly set out one plant at a time? Probably. Harvey thought the effort was worthwhile, as he used his oh-so-sharp front teeth to enjoy corn on the cob for the first time (with help from mama holding the cob and keeping him from gnawing on the ends). What he did with the kernels once he had in his mouth I'm not quite sure; how effective is gumming on just-barely-boiled sweet corn? I guess tomorrow's diapers will tell the tale!

happy birthday Tom!

And a significant birthday it is, too, for Harvey's tonton Thomas. It would have been just perfect as a birthday treat if Ghana could have pulled off the win; as it is we'll have to settle for knowing they outplayed Uruguay for most of the game, and for regular celebratory excitements. Happy Birthday!