Today I guess all the Harry Potter fans were busy reading the book, leaving the internets to folks who felt the need to ostentatiously ask what all the fuss is about. "Aren't these books for children?" they ask, each typed character dripping with scorn. Yeah, I'm sure you wouldn't want to divert your reading effort from your perusals of Flaubert. That being said, I have to admit I was a little embarrassed to walk into the bookstore this morning and be greeted by the cheery voice of an employee stationed by the door asking, "are you folks here for Harry Potter?" Well yes, we were... but maybe we could browse a little in the philosophy section first? Poetry? I own two volumes of Seamus Heaney, you know! But we could not deny the day's middle-brow demands, and made our way to the counter to buy the requisite volume. At least we weren't getting more than one, so we could laugh when the clerk asked us how many we wanted.

After all that, it was a tolerably good book, and a good end to the series. I finished it in about six hours, which is pretty respectable if you ask me. And I'll read it again someday, too.