sporting update

I have a confession to make. I sometimes watch SportsCenter in the morning, but only if the Sox won their game the previous night. No reason to watch a losing effort twice! Well, this morning I discovered I had another highlight to worry about: apparently my "alma mater" Cornell had something of a successful season in the lacrosse this year, and yesterday were playing in the national semifinal against Duke. I knew nothing of this until yesterday afternoon, just before the game was due to start, and apparently I jinxed the team completely. When I was unaware of their existence—I don't even know what lacrosse is!—they were undefeated, and the first game I knew about they lost. Even worse, in the approximately forty seconds of that I watched Duke scored two goals (or points, I don't know what they call them in that crazy sport). Since the margin of victory was only one, I feel even more responsible. Oh well, there's only next year. Unless, of course, they only play lacrosse in odd-numbered years; for all I know that might be the case!

Also, I'm sick of ESPN using SportsCenter, and especially the Top Plays segment, as an advertising vehicle for the latest "sports" property they're trying to promote. Lacrosse I don't object to—it is, I'm told, a game of long standing in the Native American community—but indoor football? Ultimate Fighting Championship?! Come on guys, those aren't sports, they're circus sideshows. Or, I don't know, ads for "Energy drinks" or something.