He's such a card.

Yes, as Dan put it, the Narnia movie really spoiled the allegorical power of the story, but no one really cares. After all, what can you expect? We go to church to learn about Truth, but we go to the movies to learn about swords and premarital sex. What's that? The movies are teaching this nation's children about the holy powers of cleavage, vengence, and sarcasm? Oh well, America's little brats are doomed.

After we watched the movie, i asked Dan, "So what do Christian people think Jesus does all day? Do they think he sits around on a thrown in heaven? Chats with God?"
"Well," Dan said, "The trinity is more metaphorical. It's not like there are three people sitting around in heaven, looking for a fourth for bridge."
"That's pretty funny. Did you just make that up?"
"It's funny... fourth for bridge... insightful and funny."
"Why thank you."
"Hey, maybe WE'RE the fourth for bridge."
"Wow. Now you're going deep."