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the new bike comes home

I got my new bike. I picked it up at REI, put it in the car, drove over to where Leah is having her forum thing, took it out of the car, and biked home. This was so Leah could have the car to get home herself, when she finally has the opportunity to at like midnight or something. But it also let me see alot more of LA than I had previously.

The first thing that I saw was that the airport, LAX, is very big. Where I left the car was out by the inland end of it, so my first step was to get down to the ocean, and that took a good long time. I noticed on the way that LA is kind of Will Rogers crazy: I saw two streets named after him, not to mention the school I saw yesterday (you'd think there weren't any other actors around the place!). I also saw, today, and RH Dana school, which was nice. Even if Mr Dana didn't have very many nice things to say about Los Angeles in his book.

Then I got down to the beach, and saw that Playa Del Rey is a pretty nice place, with some cute little houses. And then I saw that, even though the inlet at Marina Del Rey is only a hundred or two yards wide, you still have to go about a mile around the whole harbor to get to the other side of it. And are the boats ever packed in tight there: unlike the east coast, this part of California has a severe shortage of harbors. At the other end of the Marina I came to the edge of Venice, and saw that that fine city does indeed posess at least one canal, and a very charming one it looks to be too. I would have examined it more closely, but bikes weren't allowed on the path that ran along it. Another day, then. In more familiar territory, I saw the full spectacle of a nice weekend day on Venice Beach, which was something to behold, for the first time.

And then I was back home in Santa Monica, and only had to go seventeen blocks inland to get to our nice little house, which distance seemed like nothing after all the countless miles I'd just traversed. When I got home I was plenty hot and tired and ready to lie around for the rest of the day, which, with some small exceptions, I did. So you're lucky I roused long enough to write all this story down!

Also: Happy Easter! Welcome happy morning indeed.

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