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Hey Christians, is this offensive?

Just the title you want to see at the beginning of a blog entry right?

No seriously, here's a question for the three "high" Christians who read this blog (Howdy Baptists and Pagans! You can't contribute to this discussion!)

I sent this email to the parents of my Sunday school class, and some found it on the wee bit offensive side. I'll let you be the judge:

Dear Parent,

Is your child called to be an Acolyte?

Well double check, because we're calling on them now!

Bob has asked me to pass on the message that the church needs more acolytes to keep the up pomp and circumstance of the Sunday service. If your child is interested / willing, please either let me know, or contact Joan.

Leah Archibald

So what do you say? Is it wrong to call the crucifers and candle-lighters pomp and circumstance? I mean, what else are they for? If you like pomp in your service, then you should have no problem with calling it that. It's not like thirteen-year-olds in white dresses really serve some role in increasing prayer-transmission. It's all pomp and you guys know it.

One email accused me of "not growing up in the church," which would be the cause of my pompitoryness. Oh yeah, like I have no experience with high ceremony in temple Judaism. From whence do you think your pomp emerges, losers?


It sounds like they have no sense of humor. But I didn't grow up in that church.

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