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these aren't tears of sadness they're tears of joy

I started making dinner this evening by chopping an onion. As I was doing so I had a moment of confusion. "Wait! What I am making again? Does it even have an onion in it?" This momentary lapse was soon resolved, however, with the happy thought that every dinner preparation ought to start with chopping an onion. Nothing better!

To that end, I have read up on how to properly grow onions, and subsequently have replanted some of the thicket of semi-wild onions I have had in the garden to this point. At least, I think they're onions. They're clearly some variety of the genus allium in any case, so we'll see what comes up. And then we'll eat it!


These aren't tears of sadness because you're leaving me / i've just been cutting onions / i'm making a lasagna..... for one.

Ooh! Flight of the Conchords! You're so big!

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