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What i've been up to

This morning I had a frustrating day at work. A salesman quoted me the wrong price for a list buy and then I had to re-write the contract, meanwhile five emails needed my approval and some of them really needed edits, plus the deadlines ticking down for two major print materials....

Then I got that stuff done and took the dog for a walk. He chased ducks in the stream while I took a call.

This is what it's been like since I started my new job working from home. It's a lot of responsibility and crazy deadlines, but without the skirts or makeup or uncomfortable shoes. And when I'm done working, my only commute is to the fridge.

I am doing some traveling, which I guess could be considered a lot of traveling. In my first month I'm doing two overnights to NY and three days in Orlando, and then it'll be NY for two days every other week or thereabouts. The nights away are a bit of a pain except (and I hate to say it) they really do make me better at my job. Also, free hotel breakfast! Is 7 hours on the train worth all-you-can-eat pancakes? Um, maybe?

So that's why you're still seeing me around the neighborhood even though I am now gainfully (if not over-) employed. Remember the future that the digital age promised us? It's here commuters.


And she's still working!! 9:58 pm right now (in case my comment time-recording system is broken) and she's on a call with the boss. What a great employee!

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