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Sacrifices for family and country

For the forth of July (and even into the fifth... scandal of hippiness) Dan wore a shirt that I had shipped to him when i lived in France. The text on the shirt reads:

La liberte ne se donne pas, elle se prend.

Loosely translated, this means: Liberty is not given, it is taken.
Or more taughtly translated, it means, Lady liberty is not given, she is taken. which you have to admit sounds a bit more sexy.

Anyway, it was far into the evening when i realized he was actually wearing that shirt with calculated appropriateness to the holiday. Also, how jolly that i had sent him that shirt as a present! I win the wifeing contest!

"Tell me," I said to Dan, "When i sent you that shirt from France, did you say to yourself This girl is a radical like me and I must marry her?"
"No. But I thought it would be good to wear on the 4th."
"You're so romantic."

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