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the farmer's life is a hard life

Weeds choking the older part of the garden (where I planted too closely to weed easily), striped cucumber beetles attacking the cucumbers and squashes, and now deers getting inside the fence and destroying all the lettuce, half of the pea plants, and the tops of four or five tomato plants. They even uprooted one of the lettuces; how's that for vindictiveness! The gate, I can now assure you, will never be left unlatched again.

It's all very discouraging of course, but will I let this setback stop me? I will not! In fact, I will show how little I care for their destructive efforts by continuing the expansion I began last weekend. The manifest destiny of the garden will not be denied!

a view of one of the casualties

I recall at least one previous post in these pages about the depredations of deers, if not several—they have been my constant adversary, after all—but I can't find an example via the google. It has previously been very useful for similar tasks, but the text of the squibix family blog seems to have been removed from its index. I suppose that means I have to make my own search function now, because there's no way I'm reading back 1000+ posts every time I want to refer to something. I can barely bring myself to read my posts the first time around!

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