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why don't you love me part deux

According to popular reports, David Duchovney is apparently a real-life sex addict. Either this is true, (in which case, that sucks?) or it's a publicity stunt to promote his show Californication on which he does in fact play a sex addict.

If it IS true, though, do you know what that means? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS????? It means he would have had sex with me!!!

As that past post poorly explains, I met "David" when I was working in LA, and practically tripped over myself with smitten-ness. I can say this now that I'm married and safely only having sex with one person ever for the rest of my life... OMG I would have totally hit that. That dude was sexy.


Hey, Dan isn't so bad himself...

(I got your back, dude!)

It must be disclosed that upon creating this post I ran upstairs and said, "I just want to let you know that you are incredibly sexy and I never plan on sleeping with anyone other than you ever in my life, but i had to write a funny post on the blog about David Duchovney." And Dan recognized the truth in that, as the internet is filled with more imagined debauchery than our actual life will ever actually witness. that being said, you should still come visit us some time, Eric.

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