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squibix goes back east

No entries for a while due to very busy and stressful vacationing. So, an update:

We flew over the middle of the country in the middle of the day, something I haven't done for a while, and I sure enjoyed it. Utah or Nevada or someplace sure has some amazing looking cliffs and canyons. As always, I wished I had a heads-up display to tell me what each of the features were, or at least what town, county or even state we were over. The snowy slopes we passed must have been in Colorado, I know that much. The sun set about the time we were over the Great Lakes, so I didn't get to see any of the east here, but that's alright: we'll catch that on the way out on Monday.

We did all the fun Patriots Day things on the 19th, and Leah was a wonderful sport to get up at 4:00 AM with me to catch the reenactment. Then she ran the road race, her first road race, and both finished in good time and had a good time. Maybe I'll try to join her for the race next year... maybe. The race and the early start to the day made her too tired to go watch the parade though, so I took that in myself and reported to her later on the highlights.

Since then, all we've been doing is working at the Yoga Journal conference and driving back and forth from Boston--both the conference, which is at the Sheraton, and the airport. I hadn't driven into the city that many times in my life before, that I have this week. It's all very tiring, and even more so for Leah who actually has to be at the conference in between driving to and from!

The weather here is warm and spring-like, and we now know that however superficially spring-like LA may seem from time to time it's missing a few key elements that makes the New England version so exciting. The other observation I have to offer about the differences between the two locations is, Boston drivers are in fact worse, in the sense of being more aggressive, than their Angeleno counterparts. LA drivers are bad because they drive fast and don't pay attention, but in Boston folks, whe they get in their cars, become aggressive and downright vindictive. It may be better, that they're watching the road enough to see that you want to merge into their lane (or see that you're in the lane they're merging into) but if that awareness only makes them grip the steering wheel more tightly and send you bitter looks as they escalate the thrilling battle of wills... why, I might say that I prefer inattention.

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