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Mice 1, Archibald 0

Yesterday we solemnly resolved to do something about the mouse problem. Well, dan's mom Judy did, at least. She phoned us first thing in the morning to let us know that she would be over presently with traps, and by no means should a pregnant lady be cleaning up mouse poop, what is this the dark ages of infectious disease prevention?

So Judy came over Saturday morning and 100% sanitized our kitchen of mouse droppings. I tried to convey that it was overkill to wash everything in the utensil drawer, seeing as the mice would just poop in it again the following evening, but Judy was more filled with hope than I. "This will be a new beginning for you. Youll set traps tonight. Only if you start out with a clean kitchen will you know if youre winning the war!"

It is with great shame therefore that I report that, as of night number 1, we are NOT winning the war. The mice have taken the first battle.

We set our 1 havahart trap yesterday afternoon (2 more coming via mail on Wednesday) and proceeded to check the trap excitedly every 30 minutes from then on. Were so pleased with our little plan, you see: On the kitchen buffet we have a nice little mouse hotel set up in the Archibalds former ferret cage. Mommy lovingly ripped up newspaper, spread birdsead, filled a peanutbutter lid with water, and even included two toilet paper rolls for fun and excitement. This should be a suitable home for the cute little critters for the few days until we can release them into the wild someplace far from our field stones. Yes indeed, were ready for our new mousey pets. They have but to take the humanely set bait...

We werent too upset with the ineffectiveness of our afternoon trapping. After all, mice come out at night, and we would certainly wake up to a little critter in the trap. So when I stumbled downstairs for my 3am snack (yes, now that Im pregnant I eat at 3am; dont judge me) I readied myself for a mouse encounter. I opened the trash drawer where we had set the trap, and BAM.... no mouse. Indeed, the trap doors still sat up in the up position, waiting at attention. We have not quivered all night, they said to me. No mouse has disturbed our tranquility.

Meanwhile, the silverware drawer, and utensil drawer are again filled with poop. Even the smell of clorox did not deter.

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