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Shameless Plug

In case anyone asks, we do have a registry for baby stuff. The site is a thing of beauty (Dan made it naturally) and you can find it here.

Apparently, babies need a lot of stuff. We have endeavored to choose items that are environmentally friendly, reusable, gender non-specific, and designed with care. That's why everything is so damn expensive. No just kidding; it's always that expensive. Happy shopping!


Excellent work, Nice Design

Thanks, um... how do you pronounce your name?

So I think how it works is, Grzcgwur is a forward scout for the spammers. He posted "link" in the website field, which let other robots know how I was parsing it, or something... I wonder if they're even searching for his name as well. In any case they're coming in some numbers, even though there are very few open posts and all the spams get deleted within a day or two (or four). Let's experiment...

Also I don't know why we seem to have posted our comments at the exact same time. The first two, that is.

Why can't you edit comments on this thing?! Oh well, one more: I deleted the (non) link and put a space in old Grzy's name, so we'll see if that makes any difference. I also took a little look on google, which shows me that this post is the only instance of the text string "Grzcgwur" on the entire internet, which is pretty cool. I guess adding the space doesn't do so much when I go on to write the name twice more, but now I don't want to give up my lead in the competitive Grzcgwur search market!

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