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never mind the reason why

I rode my bike to work today, because I care about sustainability and things just that much. Also because my car is broken and in the shop, but still! It was a perfect day to bike, because the weather was great and at least this morning the traffic was terrible. It makes the desperate wheezing and aching muscles more bearable when you pass more cars than pass you, I think.

Of course, it doesn't matter why you choose to represent, hippie-style, because it's the actions that count. Just like this afternoon, when I (finally, says Leah) tried to call and cancel the tv service, the nice woman at Verizon wanted to know why we didn't want it any more.

"Well," I said, "we don't really watch it very much, and we're trying to simplify our life, and we have a baby coming and..."

"So you're interested in reducing your bill? Ok."

I suppose there isn't a box on her customer service ap for "customers trying to maintain integrity and not be slaves to popular culture," so "reducing our bill" it is. It's a factor, to be sure.

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