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multi-modal communication

<img src="images/harvey_with_zebra.jpg" alt="a picture" />

If you happen to be on Facebook, and are "friends" with me on that site (N.B. if the first qualifier is true, the second had better be as well, if the third is that you are reading these words), you will have already seen this amusing picture. However, not all the great pictures I take will be posted to the blog here; similarly, they won't all appear on Facebook (though the Facebook exporter for iPhoto makes it awful easy to add photos, right Leah?). No, for the complete range of Harvey pictures—which are certainly what you are mostly looking for—you'll have to look in a number of places. To wit, here, my Facebook page, Leah's Facebook page, and, of course, Harvey's website.

To make this last one a little easier, I've whipped up an RSS feed for his cute little page. Now you can subscribe and make sure you don't miss a single photo, without the bother of refreshing the page every half-hour (sadly, our upload rate is slightly lower than that).

Obsessive Harvey-watchers may also have noticed that we suspended our real-time monitoring, due to it taking about three hours a day to keep up with. Too bad; it was awesome having all that data. Why doesn't Trixie-Tracker sell some sort of implantable chip that will automatically tell us when he's wet, nursing, and asleep or awake (Santa Clause might be able to make use of this last bit of functionality) and automatically update the site?! Until that technological marvel is developed, however, we made the decision that our Harvey time would be better spent playing with him. For now, anyways. And taking pictures, of course!

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