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Git off ma lawn!

What did you do today? Today we bought a house.

As far as home buying experiences go, this was a pretty easy transition. While we've been living in this house for over 4 years now, we've technically been renting it from the actual homeowner, my father. A few months ago he got tired of the fiscal responsibilities of landlordership, and told us to make him an offer. We said, how about some baby kisses? a pie? this pint of sugar snap peas? He said, nice try; get a mortgage.

No, it didn't really go down that way, but the actual financial particulars are pretty uninteresting. Suffice it to say that after several months of chasing down various rare and important documents, we found ourselves in the attorney's office today ready to sign a hundred very formal looking pieces of paper. The attorney had a very dryyyyyyyy sense of humor, which I'm sure has been honed through guiding hundreds of couples through stacks of uninteresting yet life-altering documents. At one point he gestured towards the baby and said,

"It's good to start them early getting acclimated to lawyers."

"Yes," I thought, "Do you have a parole officer in this office as well? We might as well hit em all up while we're here."

Anyway, it seems that we now own our house now, except for a pesky mortgage for the entire sum of it. Hello home sweet home! I am now the boss of you! Where's your self cleaning button?

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