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construction delays

Today we were out chatting with our neighbor about her new baby and her 18-month-old, and suddenly something came to me, a realization, as swift as a bolt of lightening. My poor neighbor, who I pitied over her schedule c-section and 6-week- convalescence, she is one up on me in one important regard. Can you guess. CAN YOU GUESS?????

As soon as she can walk, she can have sex.

Me? I don't think my big dig is going to be finished in time for Irish twins.


Yeah, but does she WANT to?

if she's like me then she wants to IN THEORY

Yes, in theory.

that was really me and not anonymous, btw. It's just hard to fill in all the fields when one hand is holding a boob.

I should make it so the fields remember your details, shouldn't I. I bet folks'd like that.

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