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the burdens of popularity

It wasn't so long ago that we sat home every night, nothing to do, wishing that we had some friends to hang out with. No more! Now we're so popular that we have our choice of exciting evening diversions, not even counting going over to our parents' houses. Out last night until 10:00, tonight until quarter of—the busy social whirl never stops. So, you know, not so much time for blogging. Sorry, but something has to be sacrificed when you're as popular and in-demand as we are.

Not that we're going to stop posting entirely, though, even though my last post may have given you that impression. I'm sure you all had visions of us tossing our computers in the basement, and instead spending pleasant evenings reading or singing hymns together in front of the fire—when we're not out partying, of course. Not gonna happen. We did talk about trying to limit "screen time" in the evening—it is suggested that staying away from the cathode rays (or whatever it is they put in fancy flat-screen displays these days) is conducive to better sleep at night—but that lasted about one evening, for me at least.

Now if we had three hours of commute time a day, like our friends over at Factinis & Factomlettes (totally awesome blog, btw) we might be able to get our internetting in then, but, you know, we don't. I'm doing the bike thing, so being on the computer on the way to work probably isn't that safe (though I am rockin the Economist audio edition through one iPhone earbud, or was until my phone stopped working), and Leah's commute is the 2.5 seconds it takes to walk down the stairs. So evenings it has to be, for recreational online time. That is, again, when we're not out partying.


I think the "partying" mentioned in this post is heavily in quotation marks. Two out of three of our evening engagements this week involve bible study. The third was for board games. It did include beer though, so I guess that's a start...

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