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Two creditors calling this morning = last straw

We have changed the greeting on our home answering machine. If you call us you will now hear this:

"You have reached the Archibald household, home to Dan, Leah, Harvey, and Rascal Archibald. If you are looking for Karl Vumbacca, this used to be his number but it's not anymore. Please do not leave a message for Karl Vumbacca; this is not his residence. Unfortunatly, have no information as to his wearabouts. If you'd like to leave a measage for Dan and Leah Archibald, you can do so at the tone. Thank you and have a great day."

And if you have any information as to the wearabouts of Karl Vumbacca (may or may not be the official spelling) please contact us so that we can inform the many people who want him to a) pay them back money or b) build them new cabinets.

Thank you!

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