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comment upgrade

If April and Sarah can do it, than so can we!

We love getting comments on posts—it's that precious validation that keeps us going, I suppose. And now the squibix family blog, already much easier to comment on than most others, is even more user-friendly! Yes, I have finally put in a checkbox that will let the machine remember your name and website so you don't have to type it in every time. This way you won't have to leave off your website link due to time pressures, or worry about mistyping your name like poor Oonams, our all-time greatest commenter, did recently. I did it for you, Oona!

So go ahead, try it out!


Woohoo! Hey, do I get a prize for most comments?!?!?!

Yes: free lifetime access to this blog, and all associated content! And I suppose we could try to get something in the mail too... maybe a squibix web bookmark or something?

Awesome :)

Ummm... awesome!!!! We're jealous of your tech-guru-ness :)

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