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a saucy pictorial

We made applesauce yesterday. It involved quartering and coring about 30 apples, and tossing them in a pot with some water.

They cooked down for a while, until they got all mushy.

Leah ran them through our awesome food mill, a very thoughtful gift from Cara and Alan.

Rascal thought the process was taking a little too long, so he cuddled with a toy on the couch. Harvey missed the whole thing, having been sent up to bed before we got started.

We put the sauce in pint jars and processed them in the canning kettle, so they should be shelf-stable for a year or two. All those apples only made five pints, so we may have to do it again soon!


And I got boiling apple sauce all over my shirt... that wasn't in the pictorial.
Yum yum!

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