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hanukkah oh hanukkah

We celebrated Hanukkah yesterday and a grand time was had by all. Besides Harvey, the biggest hit was the wooden puzzles Leah got for all the young folks: they were much more difficult than we ever hoped, and kept everyone occupied for quite some time. Great-Grandma Faye (pictured above) gave many of us yo-yos, which were almost as popular. The two occupations together—and all the food too, probably—kept us from doing any dreidel-playing, which is good because it means I got to keep my whole roll of pennies. I never have much luck with the gambling.

Harvey enjoyed the attention, of course, and was in return enjoyed by a variety of friends and relatives (such as Uncle Jake above). As well as some clothes, he received a stuffed The Snowman, with which he was quite pleased: it's as big as he is, but lighter and fuzzier. All and all it was good practice for Christmas!


Loves it!! And the new masthead snow-family is too cute!


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