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We got some more snow this morning. I guess it was a pretty big storm: folks were certainly worried about it last night, to the extent that it led to our evening entertainment being stripped of its intermission in order to get us out of there before ten (no complaints here!). In the event the first flurries didn't start until after midnight, but by the time we work up things were well under way—well enough for us to decide to forgo church, even though church boldly decided to go ahead despite the weather. When our street's not plowed and snow is falling at a significant fraction of an inch an hour, we prefer not to go out. Which is good, because we had some fun things to do today in our very own neighborhood!

First, our neighbors—Mark, Mary, and their three kids—came over to make gingerbread houses. We had houses ready-made for the two bigger childrens, which they decorated under the supervision of Mary and Leah. Mark and I designed a luxurious gingerbread manse and began construction. The babies played.

There was then a brief period of down time, which I used to bake crackers for the first time ever: I was committed to bringing a dip to the next neighborhood event, but I had nothing for folks to dip in it. So, necessity is etc. Only this case the offspring was not invention, but just getting off my butt and making something I've wanted to try for quite some time. Leah says the things are tasty, so it looks like our long cracker fast may be over.

Then of course we had to bring the dip and crackers and our beautiful selves to the party, where we ate and visited to our heart's content and where Harvey got to sit on Santa's lap for a present and photo op. Santa looked very familiar, for some reason, like we had seen him somewhere else earlier today... Unfortunately, Daddy did not bring his camera due to trying to get out the door too fast, so we will have to rely on the kindness of others to send us some of the many photographs that did get taken of our little bundle of joy.

So a delightful day by all accounts. If only the vacation had already started, life would be perfect.

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