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me too

Perhaps inevitably, I got the sickness for myself today. I made it in to work this morning—it was a beautiful ride—but started feeling sickish within a half-hour of arriving. I tried to tough it out, but when I began having trouble standing upright I figured it might be time to see the nurse. Needless to say, my coworkers agreed. Lying on the vinyl bed down there and getting my temperature taken brought back the memories, I can tell you... as did getting picked up by my mom! No temperature as it happened, but it's just as well that I went home, because there was some vomiting done; always much nicer in your own bathroom, I think.

I'm feeling somewhat better now, but only as long as I don't try and lift my head off the pillow. So no work tomorrow either, and they weren't surprised when I called in to make that official. But Wednesday I'll be as good as new again.


Not my fault that he got picked up by his mom... he called her cell phone rather than mine. What does that say about what kind of a care taker he thinks I am?

Oh, I'm sorry you guys got so sick. I hope Harvey doesn't get it too.

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