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gonna be friends

As in any relationship, there are ups and downs between Rascal and Harvey. At the beginning Rascal leapt to Harvey's protection, relishing his new adult role in the pack. He acted very much the big brother, checking the baby often as he slept to make sure that the little guy was safe. Then Harvey grew into a "grab everything" phase, and now Rascal sees him as a fur-pulling terror and growls every time he comes near.

Well, we're entering a new phase in the relationship now with the introduction of baby food. I think it will do wonders for our familial integrity. This footage was caught yesterday morning.


I don't know why nobody has commented yet. This is the awesomest video ever! Where's the love, people?!


Thanks Danny!

Two people EMAILED me that they like the video, and one told me in person... I guess our friends just aren't 2.0 enough to comment on the blog. They're very first-level friends.

I have published a post to this effect.

I especially like the music choice. And Harvey and Rascal.

This is really wonderful :) Can't wait to be friends with both of them!!

Yay commenters! You're all ever so wonderful. Even you, anonymous!

Wow, congratulations Dan! Obviously it's been a long time. :-) Mine is now a big 10-year-old, though she was just a wee six-month-old when I started working for ebizQ. Being up at 5 am with a baby CAN be a cool experience, but you HAVE to tune into something like the Teletubbies or their descendent program on PBS. Or the Evening News Hour with Jim Leher, if that is still around. Best, Sue

Sorry, I didn't post with much information did I? Anyhow, nice to see you have a full family! We've got just the one girl, but three cats and a guinea pig. Want a guinea pig?

You should give Harvey some PORK in his bowl next time -- that will really make him a #1 friend to Rascal. Or, if you're vegan, some smoked flavored soy protein.

that was hilarious. good use of jack white, we approve. ;)

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