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a winter weekend

It was pretty cold here this weekend, so sitting around reading about winter biking in the Alaskan wilderness was just the thing to do. That way, when I bundled up to go out with the dog I could identify with Jill Homer and her experience peddling from Nikolai to McGrath in windchill temperatures of 60 below... yeah man, I really know what that's like! Need to make sure I have my scarf and everything. Also, Leah and I both feel like we can identify with Jill Homer in that we're totally able to write a book, too. All we have to do is find something to write about. Any suggestions?

Reading was of course not all I did this weekend; we also had a brunch today. More importantly, I managed to completely forget about the American-type football playoffs ongoing yesterday and today until they were nearly all over, and then continue to not pay any attention to them once I did remember. Which is pretty good, because I have been informed that my local team performed rather poorly. Ha ha, suckers, if I don't watch, I don't care! This no tv thing is pretty awesome. I bet Jill Homer doesn't watch tv either!



If you love Jill Homer so much, why don't you take her as your second wife?

I bet she could build an igloo for herself in the back yard :)

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