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So just because we're no longer slaves to the evils of television doesn't mean we don't watch good shows from time to time. Leah stuck with Glee for a while, for example. The past couple days I've been very much enjoying the Discovery Channel program Toughest Race on Earth: Iditarod; after reading about cycling the Iditarod trail I naturally wanted to know about doing it the original way, and my researches led me to the program. Even though it features the same overwrought narration as The Deadliest Catch, it's progenitor in every possible way, it's well worth watching for the combination of athletic competition and cute cute puppies. Especially since I've managed to avoid checking to see how the 2008 race came out.

I guess the program itself aired back in the fall of 2008, so it's a little too late to catch it on the tv; if you're at all interested, though, I recommend it highly, so fire up your Netflix or Bittorrent or whatever method it is you employ to get tv shows delivered direct to you. I'm seeding!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch the last episode. Gotta catch the thrilling conclusion!


TV on the computer is deadly! I watched an episode of Doll House the other day and I was like, What on Earth is going on in this show???

I mean, really, what is going on in that show? It's like Buffy, but with sex slaves, right? And that actress from the BBC's version of Emma? Am I missing something?

You really have to start at the beginning with Doll House...can't pick up mid-anywhere otherwise you'll be lost forever. It's a bit unfortunate that way.

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