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Brown vs bored

So we had a little senate race in Massachusetts today, you may have heard about it. Even my anarchist husband, who has voted green/rainbow in the past several elections, came out with me today to cast a democratic vote. Yes, the situation was so desperate that even Dan acted like a pragmatist. And yet to no avail.

Imagine... The speaker recognizes the republican senator from Massachusetts...

It is a bummer because we want better health care coverage in this country, and this will impair the passage of the current health care legislation. On the other hand, the current package in the senate isn't any better than the craptacular health care law that we have in Massachusetts now, a law which seems to do nothing for us but fine the uninsured. If Dan were to lose his job, we could choose to pay $600 a month on Cobra, or $300 a month in fines to the state. I think I missed the good news part.

So I'm totally over the stupid senate and their stupid legislation. Don't pass your lame half-assed healthcare mandate. Do your own health care! Steal your medicine! Don't reform the prisons, let the prisoners revolt.


Yeah... stupid stupid stupid.

I don't always vote for the Green/Rainbow candidate: sometimes I vote socialist! However in this case there was nobody on the ballot except Coakly, Brown, and Ted Kennedy's long-lost twin brother (running on the ticket Liberty Party, whatever that is). So my choices were limited.

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